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Printing your photos

Let’s look at this image. As you can see the head is quite close to the top of the photo.

This is a base image and is therefore a 6x4 photo.

So let’s see what happens if we just crop the image. We will be fair and take the middle section but remember, a photo lab does this automatically and therefore may take the top or bottom section. The machine does not know the photo is a person or which end is the head.

A 5 x 7 image crop of the centre section. Not too bad but a bit of the head is missing as are her fingers.

An 8x10 crop is even more drastic and makes for a very unappealing image.

We can still have the 8x10, but the image needs changing to allow for it whilst remaining an attractive image.

Out of interest, if we crop just the top section from the 8x10, just as a photo lab may do, then we would have ended up with this, I’m sure some of you will have had this problem.